Odds on Champions League outright winner shift in the wake of 1st leg

Just a few hours are left prior to the kickoff of Champions League semifinals and punters will already notice that the odds are shifting.

Bookmakers were quick to release odds on all four semifinalists, but as the punters jumped on the bandwagon and wagered, these odds shifted greatly.

Barcelona is credited with the first chance to win the trophy and the bookies are overly confident in its ability of winning the first leg. Betting on the Catalans will result in odds of 1.70, while a draw will lead to a return on investment of four times the stakes.

Bayern Munich was just one week ago credited with the first chance to win the trophy but due to this difficult setup they fell into third place and nobody gives them much of a chance of winning on the road. If they succeed at Nou Camp, those who bet on them will benefit from odds of 5.50, which is tremendous value for a recent Champions League winner.


Real Madrid players and staff are still celebrating the fact that they will play against Juventus in the semifinals, as the Italians are regarded as the weakest of the four remaining teams.

Not having home pitch advantage in the first leg is not bad news, quite the opposite as the return leg will be played in Madrid.

Obviously, the Spanish side hopes to wrap things up on the road and apparently the punters trust their ability to score on the road in Turin.
While betting on Real Madrid to prevail in Italy can be done at odds of 2.60, those who don’t hesitate to bet on Juventus will cash in on better odds. They will increase their investment three times and given the Italians track record in front of its fans, this is not such an unlikely outcome. There is of course the possibility of betting on the draw, which has the highest odds of 3.25 with most bookmakers.


This is also the last chance that players have to bet on the outright winner on high odds, because everything will change after the first leg.

The odds on Barcelona sank below 3.00, with Real Madrid hovering slightly above this threshold, followed shortly by Bayern Munich. Juventus to win the trophy is the less likely result and not surprisingly the odds for this outcome have climbed to 9.00.

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