Stargames Casino guarantees massive wins this summer

There are good reasons to be optimistic about what this summer will bring because Stargames Casino shed some good news with its customers.

The recent press release highlight the fact that over the next couple of weeks players casino will be competing for guaranteed prizes.

This is not your regular proposition as online casinos go to great lengths to avoid any statements that will make players feel entitled to win.

This is not the case now and until the end of August players will be competing for a price ranging from €5000-€50,000. What makes this campaign special is that Stargames Casino guarantees that at least one player will win a €5000 paycheck if they place real money wagers on selected slot machines.

The same goes for the five-digit amount and if there is no single win of at least €5000 every day, they will match the difference, so they keep their word.

When things look too good to be true they usually are as some players might be skeptical about the manner in which the online casino is going to stick to its worth. Given their track record, it is only fair to assume that no compromises will be made and players will receive what they are entitled to.

The same goes for the €50,000 paycheck which is going to be awarded regardless of how successful players are over the next six weeks.
Assuming nobody manages to trigger a winning combination that they need to such a payout, the online casino is going to top of the biggest win.

It makes no difference if players win €49,000 or just €11,000 they will still receive what they are entitled to. At least in theory it is possible for the same recipient of €5000 to also collect the big paycheck but the odds are slim to none.

There are so many slot machines out there and even progressive jackpots that players win four digit amounts very often.
There is a strong possibility for Stargames Casino to simply pay out the profits according to the numbers displayed on the slot machines without having to top of the amount.

Their players have been successful so far and there is no reason to expect something to change in the foreseeable future. Having said this, the fact that they are willing to guarantee profits and won’t take a step back to minimize expenses should pursue reluctant players.

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