Manchester United makes new offer for Thomas Muller

Manchester United was for a brief period of time the leader of the Premier League, but their city rivals 510AE241278B45FF97125DC1E1E32CBF.ashxare now in that position.

For make some bet Betin to overtake them after the Red Devils lost against Arsenal in a game in which they allowed three goals over the first 60 minutes of the game.

The offensive didn’t click and their defensive was simply abysmal in this fixture, but overall, the bigger problem remains the fact that they don’t have enough quality strikers.

Thomas Muller would be a worth the alternative and the prospect of having him transferred from Bayern Munich is exciting for Manchester United fans. The problem is that the German club has no intention to sell the strikers that has also won the World Cup last year.


He’s an essential player in their starting formation and one of the top scorers, so it is unlikely for them to be impressed by any financial offer made by the English club.

Speaking of which, Manchester United was willing to spend a lot of money on Thomas and the latest offering exceed €80 million. Louis van Gaal has the resources he needs to make such generous offers, but unfortunately, the Germans are unwilling to let go.

They’ve got plenty of money themselves and what’s most important for Bayern is to win the Champions League once again. They have no competition in the domestic championship, so they can focus entirely on the European tournament.

Louis van Gaal announced a record-breaking transfer fee and he is still negotiating with Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. Rumors say that he is willing to spend in excess of €100 million on the striker, in what he the richest transfer contract ever made for football player.

Manchester United has made irresistible propositions in the past and is known for acquiring players that it desperately needs, but in this case the odds are stacked against them.

Thomas has an ongoing contract with Munich and no intention to terminate it sooner, especially now when Bayern is willing to offer him more money.

For the time being, the German club is cruising in the Bundesliga end winning games by ample margins, while also defeating opponents in European matches. The fact that they’ve got such a quality striker is definitely one of the reasons for why they are so successful, so in this case it is only fair to assume that money won’t make the difference.

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