The King of Slots exclusively at Cherry Casino

In nowadays gambling environment, it is very difficult to stumble upon truly unique slots, or even logo-casino-cherrygames that are available exclusively at one online cherry casino.

Software developers draw a lot of inspiration from their former products and preferred to incrementally build on their popularity, instead of coming up with new ones.

Furthermore, when they finally produced truly innovative games, they rush to distribute them evenly among as many casinos powered by them as possible.

That’s why, it is truly refreshing to hear that King of Slots is available exclusively at Cherry Casino, after being officially introduced by MrGreen casino. These are actually sister companies and they serve very similar customer base, although the former is focusing mostly on the female audience.

This is less important for those who are in the market for a new slot machine that features unique game mechanics.
King of Slots was announced almost a year ago, but spent a lot of time in the making and that’s why it only recently hit the stores.


Some things are definitely worth waiting for and those who are themselves with patience are now celebrating. It was advertised as an innovative video slot, with new game mechanics and a plethora of special features that will sweep players off their feet.
Even a quick glance at these games will highlight the beauty of the design, with a lot of attention being paid to the symbols populating the reels.

If you haven’t played the game for, know that it has a unique format, with five reels and three rows, has a total of 25 win lines. Both the wild and scatter symbols have the capability of duplicating the other symbols on the reels, to increase the number of winning combinations and also the size of the paychecks.
Slot machine fans are increasingly interested in games that allow them to reach regret the free spins and will rejoice hearing that King of Slots falls into this category.

When you unlock free spins, you will be pleasantly surprised to discover that the reels don’t change and they stay sticky, so you have another chance to play for free.

It all depends on how the symbols line up for the next round, as the stationary science can also become sticky and trigger more free spins.

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