18Bet Casino players win jackpots in quick succession

18Bet Casino is greater providing a nice variety of games to those who seek the thrills of different logo-casino-18bettitles.

Many of those who choose to play over the Internet do so because they are in dire need of ice cold cash.

There are just as many who would rather spend some quality time gambling, without hearing that much about the outcome. Having said this, there is no better way of enjoying the time spent online and by ending a gambling session with a nice payout.

In this regard progressive jackpot slot machines are the best choice for anyone willing to make a commitment to online gambling.

A life-changing amount could be claimed with a minimal investment and these slots are the few that offer this kind of opportunity. One of the best paying ones goes by the name of Mega Moolah and this also happens to be the game that made a player reach recently.


Someone managed to win an eight digit amount playing on a mobile device and now has a fortune on his hands.

The casino is always happy to advertise the success of its members, but takes privacy seriously and will jeopardize its reputation. If you win a life-changing amount you can rest assured that they won’t say anything about you unless they gain your approval.

What we know so far is that the lucky player claimed more than $11 million and this is not even the record for this game.
Not so long ago other player won smaller amounts playing other progressive jackpot games and the streak continues.

Over the last couple of years, millions of dollars were awarded to those who chose to spin the reels of this game. The Mega Moolah jackpot is constantly on the rise but it has the tendency of going up much faster when players double their efforts. This always happens when the prize has already crossed an important threshold and has the potential of setting a record.

One thing that players tend to forget is that you don’t necessarily need to enter the Guinness world of records to enjoy every dollar won. Even after the prize is reset to its standard value, the winners have nothing to worry about financially.

In fact, many of those who actually win the jackpot after reset are even happier than those who win 10 times more. Since you only spend such little money and take few chances when gambling online, and a jackpot will do.

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