BGO overhauls its loyalty scheme

BGO casino chose not to dwell on the quality products already available and expand the lineup with new bgo-logotitles.

The addition of new games is only half of the challenge, since the top priority is to create and maintain a community of dedicated users.

Bringing them aboard is not that difficult, not today when the casino offers such generous welcome bonuses. In conjunction with the strong reputation that the company enjoys and the freebies offered, this welcome package succeeds brilliantly.

The emphasis is now on offering the best possible rewards to those who choose not to gamble elsewhere and focus entirely on the gaming services they offer. This is how loyalty is rewarded at all major online gambling operators and things won’t be any different here.

The only difference is our positive ones and they have to do with the magnitude of the bonuses. BGO already had a VIP program, but the terms and conditions were changed, to make it more attractive to beginners.

The loyalty scheme is centered on the players club points, which are actually loyalty points accumulated for playing any games. There are no qualifying titles and any real money investment will result in cash being awarded. The changes made in 2017 will have a two-pronged effect, on one hand simplified the manner in which points are accumulated. On the other, it lowers the standards for beginners, so they don’t have to wait a long time to enjoy the rewards.


From silver to gold and platinum, players earn points and they need to maintain their status by collecting a certain number every month. Bonuses are offered right from the start but they get bigger and the percentages at which deposits are matched will also increase.

Those who follow through with the loyalty scheme will gain access to new games and prize draws that are not available to those from low categories.

Free entries to super slots tournaments and the chance to spin the reels of new games before anyone else complete the picture. BGO chose not to make the changes incrementally but overnight, yet this doesn’t affect existing members. All those who have secured benefits for their loyalty will get to keep them and there’s a good chance to receive something on top of that. That’s what is called a win-win situation in the world of online casinos.


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