VideoSlots Casino jumps on the Bitcoin bandwagon

VideoSlots  Casino has always been one of the early adopters of new technologies and this is not going to logovideochange in 2017.

In fact, the prestigious gambling group is ready to take things to the next level and will embrace crypto currency. The first changes were already made and now players have the option of depositing in both traditional currency and Bitcoin.

It is hardly a coincidence that this decision was made right now, when Bitcoin is surging to new highs and expected to set important milestones.

Initially regarded with lack of trust and embrace only by tech savvy individuals, the crypto currency is now considered a good investment. Its value increased several times in just a couple of months and the most optimistic forecasts place it at $2000 by the end of the year.

The community of Bitcoin users is divided between investors and those who simply use it to pay for goods and services. The number of online shops and vendors that accept it is on the rise and the same goes for online casinos.


VideoSlots  now allows players to make deposits and withdrawals using the burgeoning crypto currency, next to the traditional money. The idea is to provide players with the alternatives they see, without making changes that conservative users would frown upon. It is still possible to deposit with credit cards, electronic wallets, bank transfers and everything in between.

Bitcoins remain the alternative for those who are ready to make some big changes in their life and cherish privacy above everything else.

Major retail brands are now accepting such payments, so it makes perfect sense to use the currency to play casino games. If players get lucky or their strategy pays off, they can use the newfound fortune to pay for goods or services online.

Everything comes full circle and as new vendors accept Bitcoins it is likely to become mainstream. Even today, we are way past the moment when only a handful of people used and trusted the crypto currency or regarded it as fringe technology.

VideoSlots  are among the first casinos to offer such a wide range of payment methods and they are unlikely to stop here. This is just one area in which the gambling group showcases its innovative network and many other changes are rapidly happening.

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